Things you might need to know about me?

I am a photographer based in West Vancouver, Canada. My interest in photography began when my step father set up a darkroom in our basement. It was here that I learned black and white film developing. In my high school senior year I was awarded the position of Magazine Convener, responsible for the yearbook photography. Many years later while I was pursuing a career in the hotel management industry, I continued to dabble in photography. But it was not until I had my own children that I realized my love for photographing babies and children. After taking portraits of family and friends for a few years, I decided in 2006 to make a career of photography.

A beautifully posed picture has its place, and I will always try to create that, however my favourites are the ones that capture some personality, a laugh, a hug, a memorable look or a kiss. It can introduce a story, evoke emotion and when we look at it years later, it can take us back to that time in our lives.

I photograph people mostly: babies, children, teens and families, but also have experience photographing spaces such as homes and work places, as well as events. If you find yourself in need of a photographer, please phone or email so we can talk about your vision or project.