Krishna Neale Photography: Blog en-us (C) Krishna Neale Photography (Krishna Neale Photography) Tue, 05 Apr 2016 23:59:00 GMT Tue, 05 Apr 2016 23:59:00 GMT Krishna Neale Photography: Blog 120 120 Halloween part 2 This is the second part and post from a session I did back on Halloween of last year.  (Yes, I'm still behind on posting some of my favourite sessions from 2015). It was such fun to hang out with this family for a couple of hours and to capture the excitement and preparation for Trick or Treating.  This photojournalist style session can be done at a special occasion, to capture a family tradition or even just to record a few hours of your daily life with kids.  The images become more meaningful as time passes and are so special to look back on, especially as your children grow.  If you would like to find out more about a Lifestyle Session, please give me a call.  

Vancouver photographerHalloween family photography Vancouver family photographerHalloween family photography Vancouver family photographerHalloween family photography Vancouver family photographerHalloween family photography

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Now a big sister I'm still catching up on blog posts from some of my favourite sessions from last year.  Blogging is hard….sigh.

Photographing this family on the other hand was not hard.  Such a great family and it's always fun to have the challenge of capturing a toddler and a newborn together.  This was my second session with them and I look forward to seeing them.

Here are some of my favourites from their session. 

Family and newborn photo session in Vancouver Canada Family and newborn photo session in Vancouver Canada

Family and newborn photo session in Vancouver Canada

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High School Graduation season is approaching Are you or someone you know hosting a pre-banquet graduation event?  I'm now taking bookings for the 2016 Graduation season.  I'll capture the graduates with their families and friends so you can put your camera down and enjoy this wonderful occasion.  I only book one session per school so spaces fill quickly. Please contact me at 604-916-2929 or to book your session.

High School Graduation photography session

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Celebrating four generations It's not very often that four generations of family are in a room together and I felt honoured and privileged to photograph this family and their relatives during a holiday season visit from England.  Dogs included of course, it was an afternoon of smiles and laughter.  The session ended with some documentary style images of a visit over tea and cake and a family game.   Here are a few of my favourites.

Family portraits multi generation Family portraits multi generation

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Some babies just don't want to sleep. This beautiful 10 day old baby boy just did not want to sleep for his portrait session.  He stayed awake and alert for hours, and even though we got some beautiful awake photographs of him, we persisted and finally at the end of the session I got some sleeping ones as well.  I've recently posted an information page on my website to help prepare parents for their newborn photo session, so if you are expecting a baby or know someone that is, please feel free to send them this link.


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Pets are family too. I've known this kind and generous family for many years, our children went to the same elementary school but now that they are older and I don't see them as often, it was extra special to spend an hour with them over the holidays photographing their family (including the four legged members) in their home.  The small dog is a newly adopted addition to their family and in my opinion any addition of a new family member, absolutely warrants a family photo session.  I'm finding more and more that I am drawn to the candid natural family shots, the real ones, the ones that show some emotion, some personality or that captures a glimpse into their life.  So here are a few of my favourites from their session.


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A Pirate Pumpkin Carver This little man had some serious focus and determination while working on this pumpkin before he went out for Trick or Treating with his family.

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Still time for holiday portraits I still have space available for holiday portraits and you'll have beautiful photographs in time to share with family and friends.  I've created new photography packages and the details can be found on my website under the Information and Pricing tab.  You'll also find a couple of new documents full of answers to FAQ's which will help you prepare for you session and know what to expect.

Baby's first Christmas makes for a perfect holiday themed session and a beautiful keepsake.  It also makes a perfect gift for grandparents.  

Contact me to book your session.

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Vancouver family of 5 It was a one of those special sunny days at the start of fall when I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family.  I know the parents but I had never met the children until this day and you would never have known it, because they reacted to me like I was an old friend.  Everyone was so relaxed and I think it shows in the photographs.  I love doing sessions in and around a clients home because the images become more personal and I can capture awesome moments like a family dance party which they did at the end of this session.  I had a really tough time narrowing down my favourite photos and I've tried to set a goal to display just one or two images from each session, but I'm failing miserably.  

On that note, I've decided to restructure my pricing so that most of my packages now include all of the digital files.  I know how difficult it can be to choose, so this way no photos get left behind and all the time and work I put into editing the images for the gallery, doesn't feel lost.  I've also come to realize that as my children grow, the photos that I loved the most at the time, are often different to ones I love now when I look back.  Images can resonate differently as time passes so I want my clients to have all the images from their session.  You can find my new pricing on my website under the information tab.  I've also created some FAQ documents to help prepare and get the most out of your session.

Family of five Vancouver Family of five Vancouver Family of five Vancouver Family of five Vancouver Family of five Vancouver


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A baby of a different kind While visiting family and friends in Australia recently, I did a photography session with a very special friend and her fur baby, Coco.  She is a bit of a princess, so I got her a little bling to wear for the shoot.  A few of my favourites.

cocoA dog and me portrait session

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Celebrating three generations For most Canadians, this past Thanksgiving weekend was about sharing a meal with family and I imagine in many of those households they were giving thanks for their family members.  Having photographs of extended family is a gift for yourself and your children.  I know for myself, when I look back at photographs of my parents and grandparents it takes me back in time and renews my memories of time we spent together.  

As with many extended families, just getting everyone together can be a schedule or geographical challenge and it was no different for this family.  Then to add to the challenge it was forecast to rain, so we scrambled to come up with a location with some coverage so we wouldn't have to reschedule their session.  Luckily for us, the rain stopped which gave us a little more flexibility and they have some beautiful prints that can be enjoyed now and digital images that can be passed down through the generations to be enjoyed.

Here are a few of my favourite images.

family3© Krishna Neale Photography family1© Krishna Neale Photography family2© Krishna Neale Photography

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365 Grateful Heart Project - month of September September was a busy month with back to school, strict routine & busy schedules.  As a result, my project did fall a few days behind on a couple of occasions, but even then I still found myself seeking out the happy moments each day and appreciating the small things which I'm grateful for.  We tend to be aware of the big stuff we are grateful for, but I've found that by noticing the little things, it has helped me focus less on the few negative or disappointing things in my life and to give more thought and attention to the positive .  

Today I got a call from a writer for the Globe & Mail in Toronto.  She is writing an article on Gratitude for next weeks paper and had come across my 365 Grateful Heart Project while doing research for her story.  I'm so glad she found me and I hope that sharing my experience with this project helps her article and encourages others to take a few minutes each day or week, to pay attention to their happy moments and give focus to their gratitude.  It doesn't have to be represented by a photo, it could be a few words, a creative written piece once a week or even as simple as a thought before you close your eyes each night.  

Here are a few of my grateful and happy moments from the month of September.  If you want to see more and read what each of them represent, go to my Instagram feed at 365 Grateful Heart Project - September a summary of photos from September

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A great deal on a Fall Photography Session fall copyfall copy

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and what a party it was I've been lucky enough to attend several events put on by this couple and wow, they can throw a PARTY!  This one, which I photographed back in April was in celebration of their daughters first birthday.  The theme, the decorations, the food and the activities were all brilliant, but what I admire most, is that it's not as much about the party for them, it's about celebrating life's milestones and sharing it with family and friends.  

party1party1 party2party2 party3party3

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...and baby makes 5 I first met this couple back when their first child was born, he was one of the first newborn babies I photographed.  Fast forward a number of years and they just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family.  I was so excited to be asked back to photograph them. It's incredible how the pace and activity level around a home is SO very different from baby #1 to baby #3 and WOW, seeing this mom of two young boys and a newborn baby get things done, was super inspiring.  And she looks amazing just days after giving birth.  It was a really fun session capturing the boys at this stage (my favourite ages to photograph) but to also capture some sweet baby girl pictures.  Here are some of my favourite shots. baby3baby3 baby2baby2 boy1boy1 boy2boy2 bwbw

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A beautiful big baby boy He must be one of the biggest newborn babies I have photographed.  He was just 5 days old for his at home session (although he looked like he was several weeks old) and wow, what a dream subject he was.  He slept soundly for most of the session and didn't mind the moving and posing.  I captured a crazy amount of beautiful images which makes it hard to short list my favourites.  If your planning to have a newborn session of your baby, the younger they are the better.  The difference between a 5 day old baby and a 10 day old can be quite significant.   At 10 days, they are more alert and don't sleep as heavily which makes it harder to achieve a variety of poses.  They also tend to have bigger bellies and don't curl up as easily as a younger baby.   Here are some of my favourites from the session.

newborn baby boy newborn baby boy newborn baby boy newborn baby boy newborn baby boy newborn baby boy

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Mini Sessions June 6th Whytecliff Park Mini Sessions West Vancouver

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A little girl turns two This was a fun session and I was truly in my element.  It was done in celebration of her second birthday so we incorporated some balloons and for the second part of the session she hosted a tea party.  It was really hard to choose my favourite images to show so I've included some from the first half of the session here and I will do another post on the tea party portion.  So adorable!  

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Spring babies It's seems to be the season for new babies right now.  Newborn photo sessions are best done within the first 10 days when they sleep heavily and curl up well.  After 10 days their belly get bigger which makes it harder to curl them up and they are more alert to their surroundings.  This beautiful newborn was just 7 days old and she didn't want to sleep for her session but we still captured a beautiful image of her and surprisingly this awake photo ended up being one of my favourites from her recent session.  

newbornnewborn photographer Vancouver

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365 Project month of April This month's happy and grateful moments seemed to be largely based around warmth, sunshine, humour, laughter and remembering and honouring special people in my life both past and present.  As work gets busier it did become more of a challenge to continue with the project this month, but I'm glad I did.  

Below is a selection of my '365 Project' Instagram/Facebook posts for the month of April .  If you want to see more and read what each of them represent go to my Instagram feed at and if you want to see some beautiful images from others taking part in the #365gratefulheart project, take a look at my friend Ute and also and

365aprilgrid365 project for April Grateful and happy moments

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