Does my photo look big on this wall?

December 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It's difficult for most people to envision how a piece of art or an enlarged photograph will look on their wall and often clients will underestimate the size that is right for the space.  Well thanks to Jill Levenhagen of, it's now much easier.  She has developed Lightroom templates that help photographers show their clients how different sizes will look in a room with furniture.  Take a look at these examples.  Many people think that an 11x14 print is big and that it will really stand out, but as you can see, on a large wall it does not.  What looks great is a 20x30 and you could even go larger for an even more impact.  Next week, I'll show some examples of her templates designed to show clients groups of prints hung together as a collage.  Thanks Jill!

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