Expecting a summer baby?

June 01, 2014

If your expecting a baby this summer and are interested in having a newborn photography session, it's best to do it within babies first 2 weeks and to contact me as early as possible during your pregnancy so I can keep your due date in mind.  Then when baby arrives all we have to do is schedule the session, all the other details have already been taken care of.  If you leave it until after baby arrives, chances are you'll be tired and too busy to make it happen.  A newborn photography session makes a unique shower or baby gift and it gives the new parents a beautiful memento of these precious early days that go by so quickly and from personal experience, in a bit of a blur.  This beautiful little lady below was 17 days old when I photographed her recently, but we still managed to capture her newness.  There are many great photographs from her session, so stay tuned for another post this week to see more.  The cocoon and diaper cover was knitted by my very talented mother, Thanks Mum!