365 Grateful Heart Project - month of September

October 05, 2015

September was a busy month with back to school, strict routine & busy schedules.  As a result, my project did fall a few days behind on a couple of occasions, but even then I still found myself seeking out the happy moments each day and appreciating the small things which I'm grateful for.  We tend to be aware of the big stuff we are grateful for, but I've found that by noticing the little things, it has helped me focus less on the few negative or disappointing things in my life and to give more thought and attention to the positive .  

Today I got a call from a writer for the Globe & Mail in Toronto.  She is writing an article on Gratitude for next weeks paper and had come across my 365 Grateful Heart Project while doing research for her story.  I'm so glad she found me and I hope that sharing my experience with this project helps her article and encourages others to take a few minutes each day or week, to pay attention to their happy moments and give focus to their gratitude.  It doesn't have to be represented by a photo, it could be a few words, a creative written piece once a week or even as simple as a thought before you close your eyes each night.  

Here are a few of my grateful and happy moments from the month of September.  If you want to see more and read what each of them represent, go to my Instagram feed at https://instagram.com/krishnaneale/ 365 Grateful Heart Project - September a summary of photos from September