Capturing a boys passion

March 06, 2015

I loved doing this photography session so much, quietly witnessing him create beautiful art, surrounded by his amazing works.  This young man has been an avid and passionate artist for most of his life and his mom even showed me some of his drawings from when he was just four and five years old and they could rival that of my current drawing abilities.  He is a quiet personality, we didn't talk much and I didn't ask him to pose or smile.  I just wanted to capture HIM doing what he LOVES to do and I think we got it.  I got a little emotional when I received this message from his mom after she saw the images.  "Wow Krishna.  I just had a look at the gallery.  I am actually quite overcome with emotion as the photos are so beautiful and they really capture the true essence of Sam.  It just shows what a good idea it is to photograph kids doing what they love - I've never seen Sam be "so Sam" on film before.  I love all the shots of his paints and brushes too and all of the "mess" that can sometimes drive me crazy but is so totally incredibly beautiful at the same time.  I love them all so much! Thank you for doing this."

 If you would like to talk about having a photography session for your child doing what they loveplease call or email me, I'd love to hear about your child's passion and how we might be able to capture those memories forever.  Here are some favourite shots from my session with Sam.  

A boys creative passion


A boys creative passion A boys creative passion