365 grateful heart project - month of March

April 03, 2015

A big list of happy moments and things to be grateful for in the month of March, including an early start to spring here in Vancouver, a trip to my home country to visit with beloved family and friends, lots of laughter and memorable times, warm sunny weather, time to unwind and spend together, a successful achievement for my husband, did I mention warm sunny weather, and a wonderful dog sitter that took great care of our Brody. 

Below is a selection of my Instagram/Facebook posts from March.  If you want to see more and read what each of them represent go to my Instagram feed at https://instagram.com/krishnaneale/ and if you want to see some beautiful images from others taking part in the #365gratefulheart project, take a look at my friend Ute https://instagram.com/foto_ute/ and also https://instagram.com/mspurevanilla and https://instagram.com/tressavent


365 grateful heart project - month of march