365 Project month of April

May 09, 2015

This month's happy and grateful moments seemed to be largely based around warmth, sunshine, humour, laughter and remembering and honouring special people in my life both past and present.  As work gets busier it did become more of a challenge to continue with the project this month, but I'm glad I did.  

Below is a selection of my '365 Project' Instagram/Facebook posts for the month of April .  If you want to see more and read what each of them represent go to my Instagram feed at https://instagram.com/krishnaneale/ and if you want to see some beautiful images from others taking part in the #365gratefulheart project, take a look at my friend Ute https://instagram.com/foto_ute/ and also https://instagram.com/mspurevanilla and https://instagram.com/tressavent

365aprilgrid365 project for April Grateful and happy moments