Your Newborn Photography Session


When should I book a newborn session?

It’s never to early to book.  I will reserve a space for you the week of your due date.  Once baby is born, have someone contact me as soon as possible to reserve the day and time for your session.  If you like the curled up sleepy newborn photos, the sooner the better.  Days 3-7 after birth are perfect but even up to day 10 works.  After that, they tend to be more aware of their surroundings and have bigger bellies which makes curling them a challenge.  We will still get beautiful images with an older baby, but the poses will be a little different and they may be more awake and alert.


How long will the session take?

Newborn sessions take place in your home and generally take between 2-3 hours to allow for feeding, changing and comforting.  The other option is a hospital session done the day baby arrives.  Contact me for more information on this option.


Do you only take photos of baby?

It’s up to you, but I recommend that we also take photos of baby with both parents and siblings if possible.  I also like to take some candid ones of the everyday moments, e.g. feeding (optional), changing, cuddling.  These tend to be more of a, fly on the wall perspective, which means no posing or props, just very natural.  


Do I need to provide any props?

No, but you can if you wish.  I will bring a special posing bean bag, a back drop stand, a heating pad, a selection of blankets, wraps and headbands for the girls.  If you have a prop or special item that you would like incorporated, have it out for when I arrive and I’ll happily do that.  Special blankets, cute hats and headbands are encouraged.  A soother has proven to be very helpful as it helps keep baby asleep and calm when I am moving him/her.  They don’t need to have used it prior to our session but it is helpful to have one if needed for the few hours during the session.  


But I haven’t had time to tidy my house.

Being a new parent is exhausting and tidying your house is not a priority, so don’t worry.  I’m not there to critique your home, I’ve had my own children and I completely understand.  I will need to use an area that is near a large window or a glass door which lets in some natural light.  I will also do some candid photos in other areas, often a master bedroom and the nursery works well.  If you don’t think you have a space that will work, please let me know ahead of time and I will arrange to visit your home before baby arrives to select the best area.  


What should we wear?

Most important is that you feel comfortable.  You can be as dressed up or dressed down as you like.  We do need to keep baby nice and warm so dress to be in a warm room.  Plain clothes works best, avoid busy patterns and big logos.  It’s a good idea to have a second top or shirt as a back up incase of baby messes (it happens) or even for variety. 


What should baby wear?

Newborns don’t photograph well in most clothes are they tend to be big and bunch up.  A snug fitting onesie works really well, preferably one without legs.  Short or long sleeved arms is fine.  Simple designs or plain colors works.  Plain white is my favourite.  Other than that, they can be naked, in a diaper, with or without a diaper cover or wrapped in a blanket.  Etsy has some amazing diaper covers, headbands and hats if your looking to buy something special for the session.


The private parts.

If you would prefer that I don’t take photos of you breastfeeding or of baby’s bare bum, please let me know at the start of your session


Will my baby be safe?

I’ve worked with many newborn babies over many years and I treat them as gently and carefully as I would my own.  I never leave baby unattended and I encourage at least one parent to be in view of baby at all times.  I pose babies with extreme caution, a gentle hand and never in awkward unnatural positions.  


What happens if my baby is fussy that day?

Try to be calm and relaxed before and during the session as it helps keeps baby relaxed.  If he/she is fussy, we will get beautiful images, it may just take a little longer.  Younger babies sleep more soundly, so booking your newborn session within the first 7 days is recommended.  It’s very helpful if baby can have some awake time before I arrive.  They don’t need too much, usually between 45-60 minutes works.  Then, while I am setting up, you can feed and change baby so they are ready to sleep again.


How long will it take to get the photos?

I will email you a link to access an online web gallery within 2 weeks of your session.  It will be a collection of 40+ fully edited images.  The gallery will be available for viewing and sharing with family and friends for 2 weeks.  Once you have decided on your favorites you can order prints, enlargements, photo books and digital copies.  Prints take 1-2 weeks and photo books up to 1 month.  If your package includes the digital files, you’ll receive a CD with both the high and low resolution images.  Zip drives are available for an additional $25.


What forms of payment do you accept?

A non refundable deposit of $150 is required in advance to book your session.  The remainder is due on the day of your session.  Payment can by made by cash, Interac email transfer or cheque .  For prints, photo books or digital collections, payment is due when you place the order. Paypal is also an option upon request.  GST (5%) applies to the session fee and all sales.  


The legal stuff.

Krishna Neale retains the copyright for all the images taken.  You are not permitted to copy, reproduce or print photos from the online gallery, my website or from printed copies.  If you purchase a digital collection, or individual digital files, I (Krishna Neale) still retain copyright but you are given permission to print and display the images for your personal use.  In either case, you may not sell or give away prints or digital images for advertising, commercial use, marketing or for a competition.  I may use images for the purpose of promoting and marketing my business and this can include my website, blog and social media.  I do not include names or personal information when sharing the images.  If you do not want your images displayed publicly, please let me know before your session.  


Please do not take photos during the session.  I realize this is a lot to ask but you have hired me to professionally photograph your family and I want every image from the session to be beautiful and of the highest quality.   


So what do I need to remember to do before you arrive?

  • In winter, turn up your heat a few extra degrees, a couple of hours before I arrive.  It should be warm enough that you are uncomfortable in a sweater.
  • Sterilize a soother 
  • Collect any special items you would like to incorporate, including hats and a snug fitting onesie, but don’t dress baby in it until after I arrive.
  • Plan to give baby some awake time before I arrive.  45-60 minutes is a guideline.
  • Try not to feed baby until after I arrive.  If baby can’t wait, try a short feed, then have some awake time. 
  • Have a backup shirt or top on hand.


Thank you for choosing me to capture this truly amazing time in your life.  I’m excited to meet you and your baby.